Frequently asked questions

Are your coasters heat resistant?

Yes. We ensure the recommended 14 day curing process is adhered to as per resin supplier prior to adding the product to our available stock. All coasters can withstand heat from regular hot beverage. We do not recommend placing beverages onto coasters immediately after pouring your boiled drink. Please allow the mug to absorb the heat for a few moments first. Our resin and coasters have gone through a heat resistance test prior to advertising.

Can i customise an order?

Yes. Whilst most of our pre-made sets are available in sets of 4, I am happy to custom make coasters in sets of 4, 6, 8 or 10 with your choice of colours or personalisation. Our aluminium round boards are also available for custom order ranging in size from 20cm to 40cm. These can also be personalised. Should you require a custom order please contact us via email to arrange your custom order, payment and postage. Available for Australian Residents only.

Can I use your coasters outside?

Yes. Our resin is UV resistant to protect the colour of the inks, however we do not recommend leaving the coasters at the mercy of the elements. We recommend ensuring they are in a dry area out of direct sunlight when not in use for the best preservation of your coasters. The cork pad base will not stand the test of excessive moisture if left in wet weather and the inks will fade after excessive exposure to direct sunlight regardless of the UV protection.

How do I wash my coasters?

We recommend using a damp cloth to wipe your coasters clean with warm water and a small amount of dishwash liquid. We do not recommend submerging or placing in the dishwasher as the coasters have a cork base to protect your furniture.

Do you ship Internationally?

We currently ship Australia wide and to New Zealand. Shipping costs are calculated based on weight and will automatically calculate based on items in your cart as per Australia Post postage fees.

I live outside of Australia & NZ, can I still purchase from you or make a Custom Order?

Yes!! Whilst shipping is only available for Australia and NZ, you are more than welcome to contact FLOW My Way should you wish to purchase something outside of these countries. I can arrange to add your country to the shipping list with applicable postage fees.

How long does it take to make a custom order?

Our coaster sets are handmade with love. A lot of hard work goes into each individual coaster and set to ensure quality products to the best of our ability. The longest process is curing the resin top coat which takes 7 days to fully cure & a total 14 days for heat resistance. Once the 7 days has passed we are able to bundle the sets, photograph and load on the site to list as pre-orders. Our personalised Name Plaques can be sent out after 7 days when the resin is fully cured as these do not require heat resistance like the coasters. However will automatically be heat resistant after 14 days. Please note the name plaques are not intended to be used for hot items.

What is a Pre-Order?

Our coaster sets require a total of 14 days to fully cure and provide heat resistance. At the 7 day mark the resin is fully cured for us to be able to bundle, photograph and list on the site as a pre-order. Pre-orders will be sent out once they have reached the 14 day full cure and heat resistance stage. This date will be visible on the product listing on our website.